Many people are searching for ways to cope with rising cost of living and stagnating wages. Whether you are fresh out of college, mid career or retired you’ve felt the effects of this new reality. If you are looking for alternative sources of income you’ve probably come across the idea of a side hustle.

A Side hustle is part-time work that brings in an additional income. Sometimes they start as a hobby or project you love to do and wish you could do it full-time. Other times they are gigs you pick up out of necessity. Either way they provide some form of autonomy and diversion so that you create income outside of your full time job.

If you don’t currently have a side hustle but are looking to start one we’ve put together 50 creative side hustle ideas for college students, travelers, retirees, and stay-at-home moms. Check out the list and let us know what your side hustle is.

side hustles for college students

Side Hustles For College Students

  1. Tutor fellow students.

If you excel in school, teaching your fellow students who are struggling with their studies can help you bring in some cash. Keep in mind that tutoring does not only require the necessary knowledge about a particular subject. You also need to have the patience and will to deal with different types of students.


  1. Participate in psychological tests.

Another way for you to earn is by participating in psychological tests undertaken by your school’s psychology department. Aside from helping your fellow students, you will also understand how the mind works and why people behave in a certain way. The best part is that some volunteers earn $10 up to 30 minutes of their time!


  1. Resell Your Stuff

If you have a lot of unused stuff in your closet, don’t throw it yet. There might be some hidden gems in your clunk of junk! Remember, your trash is someone else’s treasure. Sell your items on Amazon or eBay and earn some extra cash for your books! Sites like Craigslist or an App like OfferUp can help.


  1. Drive for Uber or Lyft.

Do you have a car? Do you want to meet a lot of people? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you can make a lot of money by driving for companies like Uber or Lyft. Take your passengers home safely, and get that 5-star rating that every Uber or Lyft driver aspires!


  1. Put company logos on your car.

Aside from driving people around, you may also use your vehicle to advertise products and services for various companies. Advertisers are willing to spend some of their marketing budgets for you to drive your car with their logo on it.


  1. Answer online surveys.

Some college students prefer to stay in their dorm rooms. These kinds of students can still make the most of their time by answering survey questionnaires online. Be compensated while you rest after you study for your midterms.


  1. Complete small tasks for people.

Every weekend, get paid for completing small tasks for other people! Some of these errands include pet sitting, babysitting, making grocery errands, and cleaning an office or apartment. If you have the muscle and the strength, you may also opt to work for moving companies that are looking heavy lifters. Sites like Task Rabbit are great for this.


  1. Start A Dropshipping Company.

Dropshipping is a great way to start an ecommerce business. It’s low risk and low investment to start. All you need to do is find a profitable niche and drive traffic to your store. Shopify is the best platform to use while Aliexpress can provide many good product ideas. You can learn more about starting a dropshipping business in our breakdown of it.


  1. Work as a mystery shopper for companies.

Make your next visit to the mall worthwhile by working as a mystery shopper. Companies are looking for people who can assess and rate their franchises’ service and products.  This could make sure that these companies are giving their best service to their customers.


  1. Work in catering.

If you have a knack for the hospitality service, then catering companies welcome you with open arms. You have a hold of your time since these companies are hiring people on an as-needed basis. Aside from that, you also have the opportunity to work for two or more companies at the same time, so there are more opportunities for you to earn!


  1. Become a tour guide.

Is your college situated in a big metropolitan city? Then, an influx of tourists is coming all year round. Take advantage of this phenomenon by providing tour guiding services to these tourists. You make some new acquaintances while eking out a living.


  1. Sell stock photos

Make the most out of your photography hobby by selling your photos to websites like Getty Images and Shutterstock. Use your family members and friends as models for your next submission. If you’re afraid that they might be the next viral meme, you can always sell pictures of random objects and animals.


  1. Be a digital marketing consultant.

The millennial generation is considered to be digital nomads. This means that college students are experts to anything digital and online. Utilize this knowledge by guiding businesses with their online presence!


  1. Start your own Etsy business.

If you have creative hands and extra time, then you can quickly start your online Etsy business. Sell your homemade crafts and make a tidy little income. If you’re not gifted with artistic skills, you can still enjoy the perks that Etsy bring by selling interesting finds at your local garages and estate sales to your Etsy account.


  1. Edit your classmates’ works.

Not everyone is gifted with exceptional writing skills. Acquire a livelihood by proofreading and editing your classmates’ assignments and projects. Feel free to advertise your services in your dorm, classes, or on your student portal, and see the cash flowing to your wallet!

side hustles for travellers
Side Hustles For Travelers

  1. Translate documents.

Despite the development and improvement of online translation tools, nothing can still defeat the nuance and fluency of a human being. Companies around the world are looking for people who can translate their documents and articles. Some of these popular languages include Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French.


  1. Teach surfing.

Enjoy the warm summer breeze while you hustle! Teach surfing to locals and fellow tourists and travel the world whenever you like. Bring with you exceptional skills and enthusiasm to attract more students.


  1. Teach skiing.

On the other hand, if you prefer the slopes over the waves, we still got you covered. Take courses and become an accredited ski instructor! There is a spike of demand during the winter season, so better finish your classes early.


  1. Import and export goods.

Utilize that extra baggage space in your next travel! Earn cash on the side by buying a product from one of your travel destinations, then sell it for a profit in the US or another country. As long as you know how to market the product and negotiate customs regulations, then you don’t need to worry about anything but quick cash flow.


  1. Write about your travels.

Publications are looking for travel writers who can share their experiences with their audiences. Or you could also start your blog if you don’t want to deal with mainstream media. To stand out, find a unique angle for your story. Covering a lesser known destination could also help you a lot.


  1. Start a vlog on Youtube

If you have a video recording equipment and a creative mindset, earning some cash while you’re traveling will be a smooth ride. The start of your vlogging journey is bumpy; it takes a while before you make money. Gain enough influence and earn from ad partnerships and subscriber donations.


  1. Teach ESL.

More Asians are learning and honing their English skills. East Asian countries like Japan, China, and South Korea are looking for more foreign ESL instructors to keep up with the demand. Work with students of all ages, and if you’re lucky, expect free accommodation during your stay. Check out companies like VIPKid or Teachaway.


  1. Work on a cruise ship.

Travel the world for free by working as a cruise ship staff. These cruise ships are looking for bartenders, waiters, hair stylists, receptionists, and casino staffers that could fill in their employment pool. Although you need to hustle hard, you save every cent that you earn because food and accommodation are also free.


  1. Be a flight attendant.

Another way for you to travel for free is to be a flight attendant. It offers decent pay and discounted flights anywhere in the world. For starters, you might be surprised that you don’t have some flexibility in destination and shift options, but it is the best way to travel the world and get paid.


  1. Work at an international resort.

Five-star hotels around the world are looking for employees of foreign descent to join their teams. Some of their clients prefer to interact with foreigners because they feel more comfortable dealing with them. Travelers can work as cooks, activities coordinators, wait staff, among others.


  1. Be a scuba instructor.

If you love to travel to the bottom to the ocean, then this side hustle is for you! Scuba diving has been one of the sought-after attractions in Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines. As long as you have a scuba certification and the passion for teaching, you are a perfect fit for this role.


  1. Work as a travel nurse.

Do you have a background in the medical field? If you have, then you can be a well-paid, in-demand travel nurse. Save the world one patient at a time while enjoying the wonders of the world!


  1. Be an Au Pair or travel nanny.

Traveling with children is not everyone’s cup of tea. For those parents who want to enjoy the scenery, hiring an au pair or nanny during the trip is a perfect choice. If you like working with children and love to travel, then this opportunity is for you.


  1. Be part of a hostel work exchange.

Looking for free accommodation is a colossal task for travelers. In exchange for free food and housing, you can connect with hostels that offer light housekeeping work for tourists like you. If you’re lucky, you might also be paid in cash!


  1. Rent out your home.

Do you have your own home or apartment? Earn passive income while you travel by renting it. You can also rent your house to pay for your vacation. The best and well known site for this is AirBnb.


Side Hustles For Retirees:

  1. Consider rent a grandma.

People love grandmas and their love and wisdom. Because of this, grandmas are preferred by some for childcare, eldercare, tutoring, among others. Hustle on your retirement while doing what you love.


  1. Rent your gadgets.

No more unused electronics in your own homes! Make a profit out of your devices by renting it to those who need it badly. Connect with those who have a gadget and those who are looking for it and earn some extra bucks.


  1. Look for National Park Gigs.

Since you have a lot of spare time, why not work for national parks? Aside from the positive contributions of nature to your health, you can also teach the next generation to honor the earth. Did we also say that you can also earn some cash doing this?


  1. Try contract consulting.

Social-purpose organizations are looking for consultants that could help them in managing the business. Match your skills sets with the organization that can most use your guidance. After working for the corporate sector most of your life, it is the best way to give back to the next generation!


  1. Write songs online.

For retired trained musicians who still want to hustle, share your gift to the world by writing songs that anyone can enjoy. Why not expand your audience to the world? License your new songs online and earn!


  1. Act in a movie.

Everyone has dreamed of being part of their favorite TV shows or movies together with their favorite stars. Make it a reality while you still have the time and energy. Search on craigslist for casting calls and you might find your long lost fame!


  1. Grow mushrooms.

If you believe you have the (green) thumb, then growing mushrooms can be a profitable side hustle for you! It’s easy to maintain these in your backyard, and it’s also a perfect urban project. Learn the basics online, interact with mushroom growers, and start earning!


  1. Make money in retirement cooking, baking, and catering.

Do you love to cook for your loved ones and friends? Why not share your love for cooking to the rest of the world! Since you have the time of your life, you might start selling your specialties to your neighborhood or online. Earn some cash while doing what you love!


  1. Be someone’s personal shopper.

There’s a growing demand for people who shop for other people. Aside from sharing your taste of fashion, you can also help your clients become more confident with the way they look. This could help them change their perspective in life and make them a better person. You can also try a service like Instacart where you can get paid to grocery shop.


  1. Try life coaching.

If you believe you have the wisdom and experience to guide other people, then you are perfect to be a life coach. People are seeking coaches to help them in their work, with their relationships, and for their personal development. Abundant opportunities are open online for aspiring life coaches.


side hustles for stay at home momsSide Hustles For Stay-At-Home Moms:

  1. Babysit children.

For Moms, taking care of kids of a satisfying experience. As the number of people working in an office increased dramatically the past few years, the need for babysitters has also increased. Many companies have opened positions for babysitter for their employees’ children.


  1. Organize events for the community.

Parents have the natural skill for planning parties and events. Organizing parties for children of busy parents is a perfect profitable hustle for stay-at-home moms who want the freedom to do things on their own. The potential for expansion for this type of business is enormous, and moms don’t want to miss this kind of opportunity.


  1. Clean other homes.

Who knew that organizing other people’s homes can be an income generating hustle for stay-at-home moms? As long as you have the eye for cleaning, then you thrive in the home organizing industry. People are looking for experts who can help them spring clean and organize their homes. Sites like Task Rabbit are a great place to start.


  1. Plan someone’s travel.

Let’s talk about the dreaded part of traveling: the planning stage. Everyone loves to travel, but no one wants to spend some time to plan their itinerary. Moms who love to travel are perfect for this role! Put all the school holidays travel experience to good use with this hustle!


  1. Offer tax help.

If you are good with numbers, then you can help others who are struggling in computing their taxes. Learn how to use the latest tax software and earn some extra cash submitting their taxes!


  1. Refurbish old furniture.

Revive the life of dying furniture or electronics. Earn some extra cash by fixing some of these and reselling it through garage sales or online. By doing this, you’re also helping the environment!


  1. Plan someone’s wedding.

Make the special day of your loved one extra special with your expertise in wedding planning! If you are keen on details, then the bride will love you! These couples will do everything to make the wedding perfect as much as possible, and with your expertise, this will be an easy feat!


  1. Be a real estate consultant.

Real estate, whether residential or commercial, is a multi-million dollar industry in the US today. As long as you know how real estate works, you can become a real estate consultant for your friends and loved ones! Work your hours and help others sell their homes.


  1. Create recipes.

If you love to cook and write, then you will love recipe making as a side hustle! You can earn some income by publishing a cookbook or creating a blog that revolves around your cooking. Of course, you can sell your recipes online.


  1. Do affiliate marketing.

Earn money by promoting products and services on the internet. You will earn some cash for every item sold on the link that you promoted. If you have the heart for digital marketing, then a lot of people will knock on your doors asking for your help with their online presence.


To be successful it is important to assess your skill set and focus on side hustles that you are good at or enjoy. If you need help growing your side hustle check out our services.

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